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What you think, becomes your reality!

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

It is scientifically proven that affirmations are a method for self-improvement. By practicing and regularly focusing consciously on positive thought we rewire our brain. Already in 1988, my birth year, Claude Steele a well-known social psychology professor from Stanford university, published his researches about self-affirmation process.

As human beings we need to value our integrity. Being honest with ourselves and representing our own moral principles is something that we can easily forget, when we get caught up in daily life, other people's beliefs, and external demands. Let's say you have a moral principle of never wanting to shout at your children. Because you have too many demands from your work though, you feel stressed and your parents have raised to work as hard as possible in order to provide the best for your family, you sometimes loose your patience with your children, you snap and shout. your moral principle is threatened and compromised.

It can feel frustrating when we get to the point where we realize that we did not act according to our own principles.

In order to re-charge ourselves, to balance our emotions and to find back to our true self, affirmations can come in to help. Through daily affirmations we are able to restore our self-conceptions. We are strengthening our self-regard through regular explanatory statements of positive qualities that we would like to find ourselves in.

You can think of affirmation as declaring the truth about something. By consciously speaking, writing or thinking an affirmation you are telling you body and mind that this is a fact. When you commit to repeating your affirmations on a regular basis, you are assuring yourself that what you are saying is a fact, you are making it your new reality and you are thereby creating a belief. Affirmations can be used to transform old beliefs into new ones. To form new patterns in the way you think.

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