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It's our vision to be the leading business startup & development academy for female solo entrepreneurs, who with passion and dedication contribute to a better world, aim for flexible lifestyles and value sustainable success!

Together we will inspire and initiate change!

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The core values that Lisa Maria Coaching represents are kindness, knowledge and commitment.

We highly believe that authenticity in our work, honestly with what we offer and deliver, and the commitment to be there for our clients, first and foremost, make us a leader in the industry.

We preach what we teach.

Everything we do and teach has been tested, researched and proven to bring the desired results. We are here to grow together, and we believe that we will contribute to a new wave of women, a movement that re-defines the role of the woman.

9 hour work days, caring for kids, taking care of the household and being in our energetic center is not sustainable and both research and experience has shown us that mental illnesses and imbalances have increased over the past decades

Unfortunately, our rigid economic system will take longer than the patience and the energy that we can bring up to uphold 100% work power to fulfil expectations.

Therefore, we are here to change. We are here to start the movement from the inside. 

Together we have the potential to create a world in which women are recognised for their brilliance, their strength and their expertise!

Besides our efforts and developments to help women build their businesses, we are whole-heartedly convinced that personal development is valuable for every person on our planet, no matter who you are, what your background is or how you grew up. You are allowed to thrive, enjoy and live life to your fullest potential!

Everyone should have a coach!

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