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Do you prefer learning through video lessons in your own time, in a community of like-minded women, through 1:1 sessions - or maybe a combination of all? Our offers are tailored to your specific learning style, your needs and your available time. Find what suits you best, or book a call so we can find out together.


60 min to Clarity

1-1 Strategy Session

A 60-min coaching session is suited perfectly for you if you hiding under your desk when it comes to business strategy. Seeing the broader picture of...

  • whether or how to set goals

  • revising your messaging

  • whether to change your niche (again!!)

  • what to prioritise to start getting paid for your expertise


... we will get to all those strategic answers.

Writing desk with notebook, pen and pink

8 Hours of Growth

1-1 Catapult Day

Do you have a hundred things on your to-do-list that you just wish were to be done and finished? Building a funnel, creating a landing page, developing your strategy, refining your messaging? 

Let me help you get it done. When you plan a catapult day with me, I will empty my calendar and be there for you and your business 100%, 8 full hours!


How much do you think we can get done in 8h x 2? 


A Membership to Thrive

Loyal To Growth

Become a leader in your industry and attract clients who are ready to buy, without investing hours of research and pockets full of money!

  • no tiring long learning videos

  • no more chit chat e-books

  • no time pressure to complete a course

Our membership is for those who want to nail their messaging, develop their sales strategy & be part of a beautiful community to be held accountable and get inspired! 


Tailored for you

Website Services

Together with our team, we will build a website for you that is not only stunning, but also has all the functionalities you need in your business.


We provide you with a platform, we take you through our branding course and we will develop your first funnels, so your digital presence is outstanding, and one of a kind. 

We will make sure your CRM system runs smoothly, your opportunity management system is set up and your marketing methods are integrated so that you can focus on the core of your business. 


Tailored for you

Solo To Success

A tailored mentorship for your business needs.

No video lessons, no endless e-books, no one-fits-all frameworks. 

This mentorship & coaching programme will be tailored for you, once we have spoken about what your business needs, and how you can elevate to the empowered, high-energy service entrepreneur you envision to be. 

This mentorship programme will give you results and simplify cumbersome tech setups. 


1 year All-In-One

CEO@Heart Academy

  • 1:1 Mentorship for 12 months

  • Weekly Membership Group Coaching

  • Full Website Creation & Funnel Set-up

  • 1-Year Academy Contents to Lead your Business towards Long-term Success

As an Academy member, your business becomes our first priority. We will work closely together for a year, giving you the "All-in-One" Solution for your business, including a Website, a CRM system, Mindset Coaching, Sales and Marketing Systems etc. ​​

Less Business, More of Life's Happiness.



Empowered Transformation

This program is a 12-week program, designed for you feeling stuck in your current life situation. You are suited for this program if you would welcome a change in life but you don't know how and where to start. You'd like to find back to happiness, lightness and balance in your life, because depression & negative feelings have impacted your lifestyle for too long.

You have come to the point at which you say:

This is it. Something has got to change.

You have found the right place. This program is for you!


Inner Child Healing

Individual 1-1 coaching for women who want to re-connect to their inner child, understand their emotional roller coaster & work through negative feelings and thought patters. You will find new ways of feeling worthy, secure and confident. Give yourself this wonderful chance of re-discovering your unique self. 

We start with a 90-min session of in-depth inner child work and if you haven't worked through everything needed, you can easily prolong the program.

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