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Wounds of rejection, abandonment, humiliation, betrayal and injustice can be healed.

Re-connect with yourself

My inner-child program is a wonderful way

  • to understand your past and your present

  • to identify blocks that are holding you back from who you would like to be today
  • to heal wounds from traumas, experiences or moments that have impacted you

  • to start being your best self for your children

How do know whether inner child work would benefit you?  

Your inner critic is very tough on you

Does your inner critical voice often take over your celebration of achievements? Do you often hear yourself say that you should have done better, that you should have been more careful, more courageous, kinder, calmer, more confident etc... ? This is a sign for your inner critic being very harsh on you.

It is hard to say "no"

Do you often find yourself in a position in which you would like to say no, run out on or just take a dive, but you feel you cannot? 

You have a hard time thinking "good" about yourself

Self-worth, self confidence and self-esteem are words that you have not much thought about yet or you'd like to have more of. If you sometimes feel weakened in your sense of self, it could be a sign of a hurt inner child.

You often talk to your children in ways you don't intend to

When we haven't understood how our past, our experiences and our life learning impact us, it is completely normal, that we cannot understand every reaction, every answer, every mood that influences the very moment. All that we say, think and feel is a result of every minute we have lived, every experience we carry on our shoulders. 

You like to receive re-assurance 

Receiving re-assurance is a reflection of how self-secure and independent you feel. It can be quite destructive in your daily life as you feel dependent on the evaluation you receive from others. It might make you feel less worthy, less intelligent, less strong or less capable, to name a few.

You find it difficult to control your emotions at times 

Do you sometimes struggle to understand why your emotions seem to ride in a roller coaster and you have little or no control to press the stop button?

It sometimes can be the smallest details that impact us in a way that let us feel or react in ways we'd consciously would not choose to. Does this happen to you? 

Anxiety and continuous negative feelings are not new to you

Are there any patterns or behaviours that keep repeating themselves and make you feel less vibrant, less positive and less energetic? This is when you know for sure that it is time to give back to yourself. Fill up that bucket of yours again with joy, happiness, and positive energy. 

Because my Inner Child healing sessions have been so powerful and life changing for my clients, I truly wish to be able to give the right guidance and support to everyone who needs it.

Therefore, I have developed this 90-minute session, in which we dive into those childhood experiences that you know are impacting you up until today.

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