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CEO at Heart

Community & Accountability

Expert Business Guidance

1:1 Mentorship & Coaching

Tailored Website & Funnel System

All Tech to Master Sales Processes


ICF Certified Coach



8 Years of Experience in Sales

You know your coaching transforms lives... but you struggle to prove it

You know you're highly qualified... but you can’t seem to attract clients who pay for your expertise (and it's making you doubt that it’s even possible for you to run a coaching business and be successful!)

Maybe you’re chasing after yet another coaching certification… because you don’t think you have enough to convince potential clients. 

Maybe you feel stuck selling to friends and family (but it just doesn’t feel real)

Maybe you're stuck in masterclasses and endless to-do's to build your online presence (between social media presence, website and SEO it all feels overwhelming and hard to start)




Start ensuring that your business can thrive, your expertise comes to use and your vision finally transforms into your actual lifestyle.


As a Solo Online Entrepreneur...

Your Service

is the heart of your business.

Your Sales Skills

are the blood in your veins.

Your Commitment

is the oxygen you breathe. 

Each one of them is VITAL. 

Hi, I'm Lisa.

I am sales strategist and success coach for coaches and online service providers, a mum of two and an ice-cream lover. 


I coach, mentor and teach women to build their life as a successful solo entrepreneur, doing what they love, and creating a future that is financially sustainable!

We are creating a new way of life rooted in freedom and purpose. 

I help passionate service-based entrepreneurs to live their vision, and to create long-lasting success, by developing their CEO mindset, by building strategies that promise recurring income and that are automised, so that you save time and energy. 

My clients have left their 9-5s, they have built multi-figure businesses and they have waitlists for their services! 

And because we don't believe in any one-fits-all solution, I encourage you to have a coffee (or tea) with me and tell me about your vision, your business baby and the struggles that are currently not letting you sleep. 


What my clients say


Lisa's program led me one step at a time throughout the creation process of my business. Lisa is committed, passionate, and open minded. She cared about my business equally as much as she cared about my personal wellbeing. Her programs are nicely planned, well structured, even life changing! Today I have customers queuing for my services. I cannot recommend Lisa enough, both as a life coach or as a business strategist.

Mitra Shahrani
Green Earth Yoga

What I really appreciate about working with Lisa that she is easy to work with and very helpful! She is so passionate, creative, and efficient about her work. The things that helped my business develop were her great skills to help me create the website for my company and fine knowledge of sustainable development. Her communication and branding skills are outstanding! I would strongly recommend Lisa’s services because she can help your company grow in many ways!

Vicky Lu
AIDO Solutions

People love to buy. 

They don't like being sold to. 

In order to have a business, sales are crucial. 

But nobody likes sleazy, spammy and annoying sales techniques.

We make sure that SELLING FEELS GOOD.

We make sure that you DON'T MISS OUT on sales opportunities.

We make it a must that clients queue for your services, 

that your services are asked for not pushed onto buyers.


and how we make sure to get you to your goals


 1-1 Business Mentoring Sessions with Lisa


Membership Access To Our Community "Loyal to Growth"

More than 50

Online Lessons with Step-by-Step Guidance


Weekly Group Sessions

1 Full Year

Your own Website, Course Platform & Email System & Funnel Automisations** 

** After the first year, the student can decide whether to keep the platform for a low monthly fee, or wants to switch elsewhere. We always aim to keep our prices lower than the market average. 

Imagine if...

You would have a reliable marketing strategy that brings in ideal leads as you grow your business.

You would love sales from now on and enjoy onboarding new clients to your world.

You would have a website with funnels, freebies and your offers all set up.

You would have unlimited access to mindset,  coaching and strategy calls.

You could stay in your empowered self and live the life of a happy and fulfilled business owner

You would only spend time on business activities that actually move you forward.

You'd have a mentor to reach out to in the times when you most need it!

If this is the future You,
then you're in the right space.

The Academy On The Inside

and everything you need to know

Designing & Refining your Services

During this first phase, we make sure you have a services portfolio that is tailored to your niche, reflects your vision, leads your clients to the solution they desire, and stands out in a competitive market!

Aerial View of the Circle Bridge

Digital Assets, Funnel Systems and Marketing Strategy

The second phase is about setting up the machine, that will allow you to focus on what is MOST IMPORTANT - building and maintaining relationships with your clients, delivering your services, and enjoying life as an entrepreneur.

To make it easy for you, we include website design services, the entire tech system for 1 whole year and funnel templates, so that you don't need to struggle and spend endless hours setting it all up!

Long-term Marketing & Sales Routines

The third phase is absolutely crucial in business because here we're going to teach you the strategies and methods that will make your business successful in the long-run! We know best that quick-money schemes don't provide you with long-term success and it is therefore we focus on this phase in depth, to teach you routines that align with your desired work day and practices that will promise results! 

Working on Rooftop
Writing desk with notebook, pen and pink flowers._edited.png

Developing a CEO mindset in balance & confidence

This programme is included as a "come back to when needed", because while you are busy building your business empire, there will be times of mindset shifts, periods of growth and moments when a re-balancing of energy is needed. 

We are here with you on the journey. During this programme, you will learn how to develop a business owner mindset and an market leader in your niche, so that you are seen as the go-to expert and you show up as the same. 

Focus Areas

What are our key expert areas and what are the business areas we will most focus on?

How you message your service, how you speak about your expertise, how you present your business on Social Media and how you lead sales calls is EVERYTHING. We make sure you are seen as an expert and positioned as the go-to-person in the market. We make sure you magnetise clients instead of chasing them. 

Messaging, Marketing & Sales

Your "virtual storefront" is how potential clients can find you, connect with you and build relationships with you. It is absolutely unsustainable to do everything on your own and manually. We therefore help you set up your website, your funnels, and your marketing system, your Social Media presence and more, so that you can save time and be a professional in the field none the less. 

Branding, Presence & Automation

Feeling alone in the vast ocean of entrepreneurship quickly feels overwhelming and too much. We make sure you ALWAYS have a community around you to reach out to, we make sure there is ALWAYS a direct line to getting mindset support and energetic balance.

Learning from, not competing with other women in the same position is what makes us grow stronger and develop resilience.  

Mindset, Balance &

How it all works in practice

Does it sound too good to be true? 


Flexible 1:1 Sessions with Lisa

You can flexibly schedule in your 12 business coaching & mentoring sessions with me. Use these sessions as it suits you best for the topics and practices you need most 1:1 support with.

cosy trendy design and decorated bell tent in nature Glamping (glamorous camping) near riv

A Private Community Space

Our Loyal to Growth online community is a wonderful space for your weekly accountability, intention setting, asking questions, receiving feedback, practicing your sales pitch and more. 


Our Resources Platform

You will receive access to our All-Resources platform, structured and designed for you to go through your business development step-by-step. There are videos, exercises and readings available for you, all organised to create re

Typing on a Computer

Your Own CRM System

Build your entire online presence with us. Within CEO at Heart Academy you receive FREE 1-year access to your very own Business Account on Go High Level. Here you can create your websites, build your funnels, do all your marketing, send newsletters, take care of your leads and much more!

We help you set it all up and you can freely decide after 1 year, whether you want to continue using the platform for a lower cost than anything else on the market.

Our Promise

Our #1 goal is to prepare you for a life-long success journey of owning your business, earning consistent income and living in freedom and purpose. 

It's our promise to work in transparency, include you in our growth curve and go the extra mile for you! 

Casual Meeting

Your Investment

and a promise to yourself

We know that finances are limited when you're starting your business.

We know that every penny invested, should have a higher return.

We know that you that this decision isn't easy.



We have made it our mission to build female owned businesses,

in which women can feel safe, guided and successful!

We will do everything in our power to make this a win-win situation, in which you get more value than you could ever imagine. Women need to be supported in a male dominated world and we have committed to giving more than we take.



Here's a summary of what's included in

CEO at Heart Academy

12 Flexible 60min Live Sessions with Lisa: Value € 2,490

CEO Mindset & Confidence Course: Value € 990

Design & Re-define Services Course: Value € 1,490

Digital Assets & Marketing Course: Value € 1,490

Website Design & UX/ UI Support: Value € 2,990

Life-Long Membership Access: 2-Year Value € 1,176

Marketing & Sales Foundations: Value € 990

CRM System: 1-Year Market Value € 1,200


Total Value

€ 11,316



 € 4,440

Payment Plan

 € 880

Payment Plan

 € 440

We offer a full money-back guarantee for 14days, if you are not happy with our services within that time. 

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