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WORKSHOP: Energetically Aligned Selling (Free)

E-Book: Your DIY Social Media Manager (4,90€)

Mini Course: How to get 5 clients in 1 month (Free)

Course: The Solo Startup (27€)

Book a 30-min Coffee Call (Free)

Book a 60-min Strategy Call (39€)

Book Your Free Discovery Call Today!

Lisa Maria Coaching

Are you ready to elevate your business to new heights?

Take the first step towards success with a complimentary discovery call session tailored just for you.

we're dedicated to helping entrepreneurs like you unleash their full potential and achieve their goals.

During this no-obligation call, we'll dive deep into your business aspirations, challenges, and opportunities.

Whether you're aiming to scale your business, enhance leadership skills, or optimize productivity, we're here to provide personalized insights and guidance to propel you forward.

Why Choose a Discovery Call with Us?

Tailored Guidance

We understand that every business is unique. Our discovery call sessions are customised to address your specific needs and objectives, to find the best solution for you and your business.

Clarity and Direction

Gain clarity on your business vision and priorities. Our discovery calls are designed to help you identify opportunities, streamline processes, and set clear, achievable goals.

Expert Insights

Benefit from the expertise of seasoned business coaches who have a proven track record of empowering entrepreneurs to overcome obstacles and achieve remarkable results.

No Strings Attached

There's no pressure or commitment. This session is all about you and your business journey. Take advantage of this opportunity to explore how coaching can support your growth, with no obligation to continue.

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Free Workshop

Energetically Aligned Selling

We Empower, Encourage & Enable

Welcome to our workshop for female entrepreneurs struggling with feeling in energetic alignment around the selling process.

Lisa Maria Coaching

Why should you take the workshop?

Acknowledge the Challenge

  • Selling Struggles: Recognize common obstacles.

  • Mindset Matters: Address limiting beliefs.

Empowerment Process

  • Own Your Value: Recognize your worth.

  • Build Confidence: Tools for self-belief.

Energize Your Approach

  • Align Energy and Intentions: Create authentic sales interactions.

  • Practical Alignment: Strategies for positive energy.

Sustainable Sales Practices

  • Consistency Counts: Maintain momentum.

  • Nurture Relationships: Foster long-term connections.

Transform your sales approach with confidence.

You have what it takes to thrive as a female entrepreneur.

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Start-up Bible

Your Free Guide to Starting a Business

Read our comprehensive E-book on how to start a business in a structured and balanced way.

Our Start-up Bible covers essential steps and strategies to help you launch your business successfully.

Lisa Maria Coaching
Casual Meeting

How To Get 5 Clients In 1 Month

Struggling to find clients for your business?

Discover proven strategies to attract five clients in just one month. Unlock the secrets to leveraging your network, optimizing your online presence, and more.

Ready to boost your client base?


Explore Our Blog

Dive into expert insights and practical advice tailored for aspiring and established entrepreneurs.

Our blog covers a wide range of topics to help you grow and succeed in your business journey.

Why read our blog?

Expert Tips

Learn from experienced business coaches

Practical Strategies

Get actionable advice you can implement today.

Inspiration and Motivation

Get actionable advice you can implement today.

Ready to elevate your business skills?

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Join Us on Facebook

Don't navigate your business journey alone.

Join our community today and make the roller coaster of entrepreneurship less scary and more rewarding.

A safe space for business guidance, supportive conversations, and mindset support.

Why join our Facebook group?


Connect with fellow female life coaches and online service business owners.

Fun Activities & Challenges

Together we move through the storm of emotions, business struggles and success!

Accountability & Exchange of Services

Together we are stronger.

In our FB group we are not competitors, we build each other up, we support and we exchange our services. 

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