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Give your business a boost!

1:1 Strategy Call

In our 1:1 Strategy Sessions we give your business the boost it needs when you already have a goal in mind, but you find it difficult to structure and plan your next action steps. We study your business in detail and create an action plan that will elevate your business success and set you up for at least a year!

You will leave the session knowing which exact steps you can take to catapult your business forward.

We will identify opportunities, you will get practical tips and guidance and I will share tools and strategies with you that make your work more time efficient, easier and automised.

My coaching values

INTEGRITY - I am honest and honour your integrity. You only share what you would like to share. I will always uphold my moral values as a coach and I expect you to do the same.

PROFESSIONALISM - I am a trained and certified life coach who will never stop learning and developing. I am strongly committed to my work and I will do what is in my power to give you the best experience possible while working with me as your coach.

BOUNDARIES - I respect your boundaries. Even though the client-coach relationship is mostly a very intimate and special one, there are boundaries which each party is allowed to set. Those shall be respected and upheld at all times.

EQUALITY & JUSTICE - I treat all people I collaborate with, equal and just. Inclusion is important to me and builds upon one of my foundational principles - people are never wrong or broken, it is the belief we have to be wrong or broken that misguides us. 

COLLABORATION - I am here for you and you are here with me. The more we open up for collaboration, the more successful our coaching relationship will be. A push can feel uncomfortable, but it's leaning into the uncomfortable that will let you see new horizons! 

A small investment with huge outcomes.
Only 39€ (one time only).

Value: 197€

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