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Wind in the Hair


This is a full 12-week coaching programme for personal transformation to re-shape your life. 

This is for you who is looking for a change on many levels may it be your professional life, your confidence, your money mindset, your family life or your partnerships. In this program we will cover everything you need, in order to start living a life of fulfilment, high quality and in alignment with your own authentic self.

The storm can end.

Who is this program for?

This exclusive 1-1 program is for committed women and men who are ready for their personal and professional transformation. When you are ready to change your life to the better, but you know you won't make it happen all by yourself. This program is a great opportunity to work through past life, through belief systems, through blocking thought patterns, to develop a higher self personality, to increase confidence and with that create success and fulfilment in your personal and professional life.

You are currently feeling stuck in a life that is definitely not how you once imagined it.

It bothers you, that you want to change something but you don't know how, when and where to start.

Enthusiasm and excitement for starting a new day every morning are non-existent

Passions and dreams have been forgotten while hustling through life. 

Stress-related tension & pains have become your new normal.

You miss feeling successful and fulfilled in your professional life. 

Constantly searching for the next thing to make you feel better, leaves exhausted & disappointed.

You are wishing for a healthier, more balanced life. 

Love, I can tell you if ONLY three of the above describe your life right now, you should really consider to throw yourself into the cold ocean of change - besides the cold, there is also beauty, there are opportunities, and more directions to choose from than you can think of right now. 

All that is UNDER the surface, is the exciting and disturbing part - because you don't know all that exists - not yet... 

Feel free to book a call with me, just to find out whether this coaching experience could harness your storm. Let us discover the possibilities to make a real change in your life.

Ready to stop spinning old wheels and instead starting to build an authentic, 
empowered & successful life?

Maybe you already know this is what you need and what you were looking for.

Lisa Maria Coaching - Transformation, Freedom, Balance & Success

Just before you decide though... 


Make sure you are READY for the following:

  • working on weekly exercises to re-frame your mindset

  • being committed to the changes and results you want to see in your life

  • having me on your back, giving you inspiration & motivation to grow!

  • getting to know the depth of your soul, who you are, not who you learned to be! 

  • finding new ways for you to thrive in life - not just getting through.

The important details


  • 12 x 1-1 coaching sessions

  • Weekly exercises

  • Messaging support throughout the entire 12 weeks

  • A mindset-reset framework to prepare you for transformation


Bonus No. 1:

You will receive a beautiful little welcome gift right into your mailbox! What's in it? Sorry... can't say ;)

Bonus No. 2: 

If you pay in full for the entire program, you will receive 3 extra coaching sessions, which you can use during or after the program, as if they were single standing sessions (worth: 3 x 65,-€) 

Your Investment


997€ for the full 12-week program


3x 339€ 

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