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Success doesn't need to look expensive!

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

It is the first time since 1 year that I put on nail polish. I have intended it many times (even my daughter knows about that) but it hasn't been my priority.

I know people say, and so do I to everyone I work with, "celebrate!", when you have successes, little and big, but what does that mean for you? How do you celebrate yourself?

Well, I can tell you I am celebrating! I am celebrating my commitment, my resilience and my uniqueness. I celebrate my authenticity, my perseverance.

But guess what, you wouldn't see it on me, because I don't feel like going out to get myself expensive clothes, a chic car or a fancy new technology.

You might see it in my energy, my smile, my communication, or a new tree in my garden :) But then again, I'm always more than less happy, and nature and music are my balance.

So I wonder, how do you celebrate your little successes? And what is your key to achieve your goals? Mine is authenticity & resilience or call it uniqueness & perseverance 💛.

I'm sending out some hugs and love today, because after being sick in bed the last couple of days, I'm over-floating with positive energy and gratefulness today.

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