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Education into the hamster wheel

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

When we were kids education in most cases wasn't really opening up our growth mindset skills. Oftentimes, education was a system that provided us with facts, with pre-set principles and with ways in which we were supposed to behave. We have learned to follow rules, we've learned the way to be a person of a certain type, a character that will be liked, will be accepted by the majority. We have learned how things are supposed to be, what we need to do to earn enough money, how we should look to be enough in society, how we can avoid being the outsider, and what we should say or do to fit in. This was not your fault in the first place, because as children we really just want to please the grown-ups around us, fit in with our friends, and be praised by teachers and caretakers. We do EVERYTHING so that we are liked, safe and accepted. Because belonging we were taught, is important. Being an accepted part of society, taking decisions that were generally evaluated as the "right one". But I am telling you now, if you've ever had an existential crisis, if you've ever doubted yourself, looked down on yourself, compared yourself with someone "better" and felt bad about yourself - if you have ever had anxiety over who you are, over who you've become, over what you haven't achieve or over what others think about you, THIS IS THE RESULT of you not being allowed to act autonomously, to think independently, to reflect critically and take decisions that empower you. It's the result of a child who has always learned to please others, but seldomly her/himself. And guess who has the power today, to set yourself free. To empower yourself to do greater things. To give yourself the chance to unfold into the unique, strong, beautiful butterfly that can now learn, experience and educate herself. YOU! YOU are allowed. YOU are worth all of what you've ever dreamed of and YOU are the one who can change it all. YOU are the one who can break out. Let me know when you're ready to explore what powers still lie beneath the surface. What blocks are yet to be broken through. Let me know when you're ready.

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