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Social Connection instead of Social Media

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

🧐 Did you fall into the trap of having forgotten that social media is meant to be a channel for communication?

Media is commonly defined as a tool of interactions among people through which they create, share, exchange information and bounce ideas in virtual communities and networks.

Unfortunately Social Media has somewhat become a danger to many people's health, mindset and life balance, as it also becomes and addiction to comparing, brainless browsing and a way to "shut off from the real world". It has come so far that not seldomly we measure our self-worth in likes, follower numbers and quantity of comments and shares.

Now, now...

Let's pause here and think about what Social Media is really for and what it is beneficial, well actually wonderful for!

It is a way for us to connect to human beings around the world, which we otherwise would never get the chance to meet. It is a way to learn about peoples perspectives, viewpoints, skills, knowledge and to share experience, in a way that we had not been able to without it.

Real relationships can be formed, friendships can arise (and those who know me, know what I am talking about). We can choose to interact and socialise with people that uplift us, empower us, share our values, and let us raise to our full potential. People who we share visions with, goals with and who contribute to our personal and professional development, growth and HAPPINESS.

What is life about if not ultimately to be happy?

So. Choose your relationships on Social Media wisely. Be a human, connect with people who uplift you. Connect with those that share your values, not those who trigger envious criticism, useless comparison, or violation of your privacy. Connect with those that enhance your feelings of positivity, of beauty, of love, of empowerment. ENJOY the beauty and the benefits of Social media and ACT SOCIALLY, act as if you met your friend or colleague in the coffee shop. Those connections will last. Those connections will be of value. 🥰

𝗣𝗦: For you interested in sharing life coaching experiences, meet or simply find a genuine coaching community, I invite you to join my FB group the LIFE COACHING UNIVERSE 💫

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