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Coaching for parents who know they need a change in life.

This 12-week coaching program will change you on a professional, personal and parental level for a lifetime. No matter how crazy or unpredictable your days seem right now, there is a way out of the negative spiral. In this program you will re-learn thought patterns that are keeping you stuck, you will learn to understand daily routines and re-learn to prioritise your own needs, find more space for yourself and  become the balanced parent you are meant to be.

I know, you seem fine on the outside, you put a smile on and tell yourself that you're okay but... 

  • You are really feeling drained and tired.

  • You don't feel you have enough time for yourself.

  • You are struggling day-by-day not to break down emotionally. 

  • Your nights are sleepless and full of thoughts.

  • You love your children, and you wish you could be the smilier, happier, more creative & enthusiastic version of yourself?

I am sure you are aware already that this is not the kind of life you wanted to sign up for.

Allow yourself to start changing it today.

Maybe you can relate to this...

Working a 9-5 job, having children, juggling daily routines and staying on top of the list of chores can be overwhelming and exhausting. 

If we don't watch out for ourselves, we might end up depleted, burned out and completely drained of any positive energy. We suddenly feel incapable of controlling our emotions. We wonder why simple comments offset our mood, why we can't sleep, why we keep forgetting important things or why we just can't wake up with enthusiasm anymore. 

Maybe there will be a day when you wake up and start to reflect. Maybe that day was today, maybe that is why you are here.


You realise that you feel so overwhelmed with all the never ending to-do-lists and the requirements that work is exploding with, you don't feel like coping anymore. Motivation is low, inspiration mute, hobbies all pushed aside. You feel like no one understands your situation or at least if they do, they can't help. Not being able to keep your kids' schedules together is just the cherry on the cake and it makes you feel miserable.

Image by Vladislav Muslakov

This is no longer sustainable.
We both know it.
Are you ready for a change?


1. You are a parent.

2. You know how you are living right now is unsustainable.

3. You are ready to commit to making change happen.

4. You want to improve the relationships with your family.

5. You want to find more time for yourself and what is important to you.

6. You have been noticing stress symptoms such as pains, forgetfulness, anxiety, negative self-talk and low level of patience.


1. Flexibility

around the times (I know plans often change, kids get sick and sometimes you just need to sleep or rest)

2. One 1:1 coaching ​session per week

Weekly 60 minutes 1:1 coaching sessions, consistently for 12-weeks

3. Regular messaging support

for mindset exercises, coaching reflections and day-to-day events

4. Workbooks, exercises & voices messages following the program blueprint, but adjusted to your individual situation

4. Access to all program content in your personal online account


Your child doesn't ask for a perfect mum -
a  happy mum is all they need!

"I want to change and today is the day I commit." 

Get your 50% discount

Become part of the program for only € 997,-

VALUE € 1997,-

Reusing some of the strategies she has taught me has become a great asset for me. Also, her patience and hope and positivity is contagious and that has helped me with small steps everyday! It has also been rewarding to see that my coach is not simply trying to sell a programme or a lifestyle but that she is actually practicing what she is preaching and that has filled me with a new kind of hope... in myself and in the world! I don't just reuse what I learned from her, I try to live the way she does.

Madalina Popa, Teacher & Mum

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