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The Unicycle Business Coach & Starting from 0

Updated: Feb 14

I learned to ride the unicycle when I was 14. It helped me shape my identity, discover my uniqueness, and it gave me stability when life was wobbly and unpredictable. This post is about just that. You and I have the ability to take control over our life. We are able to create a life design that is unique, authentic, and absolutely amazing. We just sometimes don’t believe we do.

Maybe, being here, reading this, starting to read and reflect, is a major day of your life transformation. I am here with you, and I'm happily NOT living life by the recipe of the economical, political and societal middle class. I'm here to do things my way.

One of my ways to succeed in this world is to give. I have always been, and I will always be a giver.

If you’ve been wishing to have a business coach, but feel you can’t afford one at this point, I may have a solution for you. I’m building an Academy that will have both, free and paid-for resources. There will be VALUE even in the free ones because this is what SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT means to me.

I support not only those who can afford premium prices. I also support those who start from 0.

I have collected knowledge, experience and skills that I want to share with the world. Comment below if you’d like to become part of my world of entrepreneurial and mindset growth. Speak soon,

Your Coach, Lisa

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