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Breaking Societal Ties & Buying Organic Lettuce

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

Life is too short to make someone else's dreams come true.

Working for a big corporate company may regularly give you the feeling of:

  • not believing enough in your own vision,

  • being moved around like a puppet that has no control over the majority of her life (or the most productive 8 hours of the day),

  • chasing the money for materialistic things, to make life "happier & more flexible"???

The list is longer, but I guess you hear the irony of my words. This is no judgement from my side, no blame or ignorance. I'm not misunderstanding the economic strain that most people are experiencing these days.

What I see though is, that we lead ourselves to being even more dependent of the broken economic system, which many already feel oppressed in. By playing along, by feeling the pain and trying to work harder to make ends meet, we actually pull our ties even stronger, the ties that keep us from reaching our dreams.

In order to cut the ties, to transform the wires into rubber bands, we've got to do things differently. The more we grow the community of people, of women to break out of the "normal" circle, the more life will surprise us. There are opportunities EVERYWHERE. We just don't always see them.

It's all a matter of priorities, of choices and of your assessment of how a happy, successful life looks like.

So I ask you today. What will your life look like for the next years? Exciting, different and happy, or tied to the same systemic columns that have kept society in a pool of safety, of followers and blind eyes?

Please excuse my bluntness today, excuse me for being straight forward about my thoughts.

I love my freedom, I will always do things differently, even if I buy second-hand clothes until the end of my life - I'd be happy to give the planet that gift, and not the fashion industry.

Even if I spend high prices on local, ecologic food, to support the small farmers and the ones that wash off the caterpillars from the lettuce, not spray them to death. I'll pay more for the lettuce with holes ;), I'll pay more for the re-used clothing item, I'll pay more for the organic soil for my garden and I'll pay more for the piano teacher. I don't want to squeeze people's pockets, but I want society to re-think their values. To DO THINGS DIFFERENTLY.

And everyone, who is ready to start their business - I'm here too.

I'll help you earn that money for the organic lettuce. I'll help you give your kids a valuable future. I'll help you pay your bills. I'll help you break the ties.

I'd love to know your thoughts. Reply to this mail or let's book a call and chat about your future plans!

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