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Developing a Millionaire Mindset as a Female Entrepreneur

Now the real question is not: what do I need to do, to become a millionaire - the real question is - who do I want to be - to become a millionaire?

You see the truth is, most of us have grown up understanding that there are different categories of people, and when it comes to money and wealth, certain levels just don't compare, we cannot even think our way there, even less talk about it.

"Those people" with wealth and success are oftentimes labeled to have a certain character, a certain level of arrogance, and a different way of seeing and living life. Jealously, feelings of unfairness, and the acceptance of not having access to possibilities in life like they do, leads to an even stronger split between these groups of people.

Don't get me wrong - politics play a role here. The economic system as we know it today plays a MAJOR role and even certain individuals who have displayed arrogance and ignorance, have contributed to this world view.

BUT - and this is a BIG but - what society has been led to is a numbness to feeling freedom, opportunities, excitement in new ideas, the belief in ones own capabilities and even more - the faith in each individual's unique character and personality.

I live in Sweden.

Women in Sweden have an almost equal role as men, with nearly equal opportunities and (almost, but not yet) equal income levels. Yet, when it comes to wealth and success, we have to acknowledge that women will ALWAYS and SHOULD always have a different role. I know this is a very debated topic, but I will say this: the female cycle, the months after giving birth, the choices of when and whether to become a mum, have an impact on (work-) life balance. They all have an impact on how much women can "push through", how quickly we can switch from giving life, taking time off, to being back on track and ready for the career path we set out for ourselves, to "be seen", to "be enough", to get recognition for our efforts.

There are some fundamental differences in the way women work and the lifestyle that is healthy for human beings. The same goes for men, of course, but more is to be evaluated, more to be adjusted, and more to be reflected on, on the female side of society.

Now let's speak about startups. It's a fact that more and more women are dreaming about a lifestyle, in which they can achieve something different. For reasons above and below, this is no surprise. It really is a natural transformation towards a vision of how work life can be bettered. A vision that has proven to be not only a dream, but a more empowered, a more fulfilling and a more purposeful path for many.

Yet, women are struggling to get recognised for their efforts, celebrated for their ideas, and supported to succeed.

According to TechCrunch, it was found that female startups received less than 2% of the venture capital allocated for startups. 2% - this is a painful number. The world bank announced that less than 1/3 of women globally have the same legal rights when starting a business as men and the total investment in women-led businesses has decreased from 4% in 2018 to 2% in 2021. The WEF Global Gender Report highlighted the high negative impact these numbers can have on growth and profitability possibilities in women-owned businesses...

Yes - a change is NEEDED.

The number of women who are starting businesses within the following years, will with no doubt increase. Not only because automation and digital advancements will lead to women losing their jobs but also because the need for education will arise due to changing occupations and work scopes. Increasing demands in career paths will lead to more and more women choosing the path of self-employment.

It is widely known that women entrepreneurs can bring new dimensions to business ownership, can develop new company cultures and shift the focus of building and developing businesses towards more sustainable, more human-centered, more service-oriented organisations. The trends are already visible and will lead to fundamental changes in how the startup world looks like today.

This leads us back to the mindset required for women to have faith and belief in themselves that starting a business can lead to changes in the world's economy and on levels of social sustainability - and that their ideas, their expertise and their commitment to making change happen can - and will lead to new generational wealth.

We need to get used to the thought that old patterns of doing business don't always apply anymore and that the opportunities out there are more than we can imagine today. Independent from the banks offering loans, or for investors to start believing in your idea - you have everything you need within you.

Believe it or not, coaches, mentors and educators all around the world are starting to see it. They are staring to wake up, to see potential, and to see opportunities. We see the the opportunities, before you have fully comprehended what's possible for you.

Lisa Maria Coaching empowers and enables women, who with passion and dedication strive for flexible lifestyles and sustainable success, to start and develop profitable businesses.

Would you like to share your business idea with us?

Are you curious on how you can build success for yourself and for those coming after you?

Would you like to validate whether you're on the right path?

So - who DO YOU WANT TO BE not if but when you are becoming a millionaire. What if you knew, you have all the strength, all the passion, all the expertise and the right mindset to become a first generation millionaire who can change the future of every generation coming after you. If you knew you could - WHAT WOULD BE YOUR NEXT STEP?

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Feb 29

It's sad to know how many people overlook the freedom, opportunities, and excitement in life. In Sweden, where gender equality is good, women still struggle to achieve equal wealth and success. Balancing work and motherhood adds extra challenges for women. We need to recognize these struggles and support women better. Let's work together to break down barriers and help women reach their goals.


Feb 15

Girl, you're spitting facts and in such a gracious and uplifting way:-) The future is indeed bright, even though the last couple of years have been challenging. We need this type of informative to help us become more beave and optimistic, especially as women entrepreneurs!

Lisa Maria Padilla
Lisa Maria Padilla
Feb 16
Replying to

It's good to hear that you could take some optimism with you! I am indeed seeing a bright future. We shall never forget that challenging times are usually a turning point. Where it will leads us in in our own hands, so let's make it an epic new season of life on earth. 💛


Feb 14
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

This resonates with me so much! And there are some information here I was not even aware of, great to know and be more conscious about those things.

Who do I want to become as a millionaire,is a wonderful question for me and changes the perspective.

I want to be and remain still as I am now but with more confidence knowing that I am able to help others and share the goodness with those who are in need!

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