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Hi there! I'm Lisa.​
Sales Strategist & Success Coach.

We make sure you succeed in building your business as a service entrepreneur!


This course includes 12 online lessons, exercises, a 1:1 strategy session and a certification of completion. Sign up FOR FREE TODAY, this is a time-limited offer.


(Value: 495€)

From Validating Your Idea to Selling without the Ickiness!

Lisa Maria Coaching


And pick what's right for you...

60 minutes to examine your strategy, gain clarity and plan your next steps to accelerate your results.

8 hours to work on your strategy, your tech system, your online presence and your messaging, to magnetise clients ready to buy. 

A course to validate your business idea & start selling your services without feeling icky.

A detailed step-by-step guide & workbook, to nail your social media strategy once and for all.

Join our fantastic community of solo entrepreneur women - connect, inspire & get inspired! 

Weekly co-working & live coaching, accountability exercises, expert services & a community of ambitious women - all in the same boat!

All-access pass to 1:1 coaching, mentorship & group coaching, including a course platform, funnel system and website design! 

New here? 

I recommend starting with these resources...

Home Desk

Step #1



Dedicate 15 minutes and take our Business Health Check. It will give you clarity, insights and ideas on how your business is doing, what you can progress with and what it is still missing on the journey to success. 


Let's deep dive into the results from your Health Check and see how I could help you with the challenges you are facing to build your empire!

CEO at Heart Academy

Join our 1-Year mentorship programme with 1-1 mentoring sessions, a beautiful community, no-fluff training lessons & exercises, full CRM system & website development, and tailored steps to take your business to next levels!

Step #2

Step #3


Hey love

I am sales strategist and success coach for coaches and online service providers, a mum of two and an ice-cream lover. 


I coach, mentor and teach women to build their life as a successful solo entrepreneur, doing what they love, and creating a future that is financially sustainable!

We are creating a new way of life rooted in freedom and purpose. 

I help passionate service-based entrepreneurs to live their vision, and to create long-lasting success, by developing their CEO mindset, by building strategies that promise recurring income and that are automised, so that you save time and energy. 

My clients have left their 9-5s, they have built multi-figure businesses and they have waitlists for their services! 

And because we don't believe in any one-fits-all solution, I encourage you to have a coffee (or tea) with me and tell me about your vision, your business baby and the struggles that are currently not letting you sleep. 

What my clients say


"I absolutely loved Startup to Celebrate, it kept me on track which I liked and kept me on a journey of continual action, which was motivating and productive. I found the structure of the course was perfect in guiding me through all the steps I needed to learn and take to improve my business.​My business feels real now, and I feel like a proper business owner. I love my webpage and feel you completely understood my mission. I feel also that I understand my niche better, and I now have the confidence to post and market my business. "


Katie Bowers

EFT Practitioner & Life Coach

"The most important part of having you as my business coach was feeling like you took me by the hand and guided me throughout this journey. I felt the constant and assuring support which was provided both by the videos and exercises as well as the one on one sessions. All the self awareness exercises, finding out not only about my niche and points of strength in the market but also myself as a person was a huge factor, giving me all I needed to continue my journey as a business owner woman.


Mitra Shahrani

Holistic Yoga Teacher


A safe space for business guidance, supportive conversations & mindset support

This group is for female life coaches, and online service businesses. We are aiming to make your journey as a business owner less lonely and the roller coaster of fears and questions less scary!


A membership to master your sales strategy, optimise your messaging and grow your CEO mindset!

Become a leader in your industry and attract clients that are ready to buy.  Have a support system with live Zoom sessions & a pool of expertise to guide you on your unique journey as a business owner!

No endless video lessons, and no e-books to read, just a real talks, answers to your questions, and a space to access your highest energy!

49€/ month

Lisa Padilla

Not sure?

It's ok not to know every answer and have every step perfectly laid out.
I love coffee, so instead of brainstorming alone, join me for a coffee break ;)

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