When you know it is a transformation you need, I am your girl.
Every woman has the right to exit life from exhaustion, brain fog and unfulfilled dreams. Not some time. Not tomorrow. TODAY!

Is a part of those dreams for you to start a business? Even better! I have the framework for the perfect journey for you, combining Mindset, Tech & Business Strategy.

Hey! I am Lisa, a certified life coach, experienced parenting mentor, a sustainability educator and founder of Mind & Earth Academy.


I am also a

  • 1-1 life coaching (single sessions)

  • Inner child work

  • Parent coaching & mentorship

  • Long-term life coaching

Situated in Southern Sweden, I take local appointments in the area and online appointments from people all over the world.

I speak English, German and Swedish.


What are you interested in?
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Choose among my services what suits you best!

Life coaching has helped my clients...

feel alive, beautiful

and loved again.

learn to appreciate their authentic self.

heal past

wounds & traumas.

succeed in their

personal & professional life

find long-lasting balance,

happiness & peace of mind

re-connect to an energy that is authentic & loving.

“After every coaching session I feel like I have read a new chapter of my life's book."

Madalina Popa, Teacher

Developing a healthy, strong, positive mindset and equipping you with a sustainable life foundation are the two core goals driving my coaching, as I am convinced that long-term balance, a successful life and happiness through awareness are accessible to everyone.


On your personal journey, you will have space and tools to discover your full potential, to re-learn thought patterns and beliefs that currently keep you stuck and to develop an action plan that will change your life to the positive!
Once you have fully dived into coaching and self-development with me, you will feel empowered, with a backpack full of tools and methods, ready to enjoy life, capable of understanding your purpose and acting upon those gifts within you. With commitment and will power you will undergo a transformation that can change your life in ways you can't envision just now. Trust in your decisions, and believe in your magic!

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