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Where business education, mindset coaching &
co-working leads
solo entrepreneurs to success and fulfilment!


Mind & Earth Academy is a space designed for solo-entrepreneurs aiming to build their own business, in a sustainable way for themselves, their environment and their financial development. We are a community where growth happens natural and in your own pace, where support is always available, where you get training on business tools for your journey and where we continuously grow our mindset to become successful, sustainable entrepreneurs.

Becoming a member of our Academy will give you access to a network of entrepreneurs, to business strategy resources, expert coaches, life business seminars, Zoom co-working sessions and mindset coaching session!


The Academy is packed with value and you get to decide what you want to invest to be a part! We welcome new members on a regular basis, there is no bad timing to enter the Academy, because content is already available and live sessions are taking place on a rolling basis!

A community that lifts each other up, acts towards environmental improvements and drops out of negativity for good. Together we create success on all levels. Are you in?

A nourishing membership  for those looking to grow their mindset, their business and their sustainability involvement in a personal, cozy and supportive space!

Stop your search for connection.

Still your longing for support.

Secure yourself an accountability network.

Commit to yourself and your dreams.


Have you ever longed for a community that adds value to your business AND your personal life? Where members hold each other accountable, where you consistently practice to be the authentic you, a soul with self-love, confidence, with the feeling of ALWAYS being enough?
Where you learn all the necessary business tools from mindset to marketing and financial planning?


What awaits you on the inside?

  • Business ABC methods and routines (Clarity, Client Attraction, etc.) 

  • Mindset coaching sessions for a successful and happy solo-entrepreneur journey

  • Financial planning for achieving private and business balance

  • Education on developing socially, personally and environmentally sustainable

  • Brand creation and guidance for your creativity flow

  • Marketing strategies for online businesses 

  • Co-working sessions for sharing experience, thought exchange and feedback

  • Spiritual embodiment sessions to become a balanced business owner

This membership suits you if...

  • you are ready to make your business ideas reality

  • you are willing to grow your mindset daily

  • you are wishing to have a co-working community who helps, encourages and shares feedback & knowledge.

  • you cannot decide between all the different business coaches out there, cause you're not sure what you most need.

  • you want to find the right guidance, the red threat to follow your dreams.

Who can become a member?

Mind and Earth Academy is aiming to become a globally sustainable business. We strive to make our services available to everyone around the globe, no matter which current situation you are in or the background you have. Our diverse team of members makes everyone's experience incredibly valuable and lets us create truly magical business connections with people all over the world. All genders, nationalities, ages (above 18) and ethnicities are welcome! In order to apply for the membership, please fill out the questionnaire provided below. We will assess whether you are a good fit according to your intentions, your current life situation and your goals of being a part at Mind & Earth Academy. 


Invest 2 Commit

The Invest 2 Commit pricing model allows you to come up with a monthly investment, which will get you committed to learn, attend sessions and do the exercises within the Academy. If you are unsure, please send an email to, and we will get in touch with you as soon as we can.

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