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Application to Mind & Earth Academy

This membership will give you access to a thriving, motivated community with regular business webinars, co-working sessions, lovely group hang-outs and group coaching sessions. The contents of the membership will reach from entrepreneur mindset work, social sustainability, and accountability practices to start-up techs, branding your business and marketing strategies. This and much more is awaiting you, but as you can imagine, we want members to be highly motivated and committed. We won't promise you any 10K months, but we do promise our full commitment to the Academy membership, its contents and most importantly, its members :) 

What business stage describes you best?
Are you curious about how you could make your business more sustainable?
Do you enjoy attending live group sessions and sharing your perspective, ideas and questions?

By submitting your application you agree to our terms & conditions.

Thank you for your application!

We will review it and get in touch with you as soon as possible!

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