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Unicycle Life Design

Stories, reflections & ideas about
Self-Awareness, Creative Living & Soul Purpose

... and how to become a happy, courageous rebel in writing your unique life story

Google says "Dreaming about a unicycle can mean you lack stability in your life". I'm here to say the opposite. To me, the unicycle represents
courage, stability, uniqueness, flexibility and a rebellious mind ;)

I learned to ride the unicycle when I was 14. It helped me shape my identity, discover my uniqueness, and it gave me stability when life was wobbly and unpredictable. This blog is about just that. You and I have the ability to take control over our life. We are able to create a life design that is unique, authentic, and absolutely amazing. 


So. I hope you're gonna learn, reflect and get inspired. Maybe, being here, starting to read and reflect, is the first day of your life transformation. I am here with you, and I'm happily NOT living life by the recipe of the economical, political and societal middle class. I'm here to do things my way.


Do you feel welcome here? 

Welcome, beautiful soul!

Feel free to comment when something makes you think, gives you inspiration or gets you triggered. I don't really mind, the only thing I hope is that my blog will inspire you to grow, encourage you to think and contribute to the so needed revolution-evolution-change on our planet. 

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