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Startup to Celebrate



With Professional Sales Training, 1:1 Coaching Time, 

Step by Step Business Development and a Supportive Community! 

Let's schedule a call with me to learn more about it.


Discover your inner strength

Our Coaches Are ICF Certified. Our Sales Strategy Is Bullet-Proof And The Way We Work Leads To Long-Term, Sustainable Success!


What is Start up to celebrate?

Hi, I'm Lisa!


I am my client's business coach, marketing strategist, sales magician and life coach. I have combined my passions and expertise to help women build their online service businesses to achieve long-term sustainable business success, freedom to work less hours, a mindset that allows them to be creative & inspired, and to pursue their life's mission & dream. I am the founder of Lisa Maria Coaching & CEO@Heart Academy. It is my vision to transform the female entrepreneurial landscape into an empowering and resilient environment, where professional journeys are a source of fulfilment, happiness and success!


PS: There is no idea too small and no vision too big ♥

Increase revenue.

Decrease doubt.

Grow your business.

What's Included In Startup To Celebrate

  1. Works deeply on the mindset of becoming a business owner (clarity, self-confidence, visibility fears, self-awareness, understanding your inner genius).

  2. Includes all tools, financial planning, legal documents, the way you present your business, website, branding & logo.

  3. Bonus: I create a basic first website for you if you don't have one yet.

  4. Builds confidence and prepares for and practices sales calls.

  5. Creates your business plan for commitment.

  6. Starts transforming habits and building routines around your new identity as a business owner.

  7. Continuously works on your visual business front and your online presence.

  8. Marketing + Sales phase: Refines and creates a specific offer.

  9. Provides a sustainable business outlook plan for you to be able to take your business further.


What you will learn

  • how you get into the mindset of a happy and fulfilled business owner


  • how you succeed financially even in difficult times


  • how you strategically build your business, with an offer that sells and a marketing strategy that is reliable


  • how you make the breakthrough as a woman, as a mum or a previous housewife


  • how to search for & identify your inner genius, your unique skillset, your rockstar identity and your individual path to success

About the Programme

who can join it

What my clients say


What I really appreciate about working with Lisa that she is easy to work with and very helpful! She is so passionate, creative, and efficient about her work. The things that helped my business develop were her great skills to help me create the website for my company and fine knowledge of sustainable development. Her communication and branding skills are outstanding! I would strongly recommend Lisa’s services because she can help your company grow in many ways!

Vicky Lu
AIDO Solutions
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