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Start-Up to Celebrate

Lift your business off the ground in 16 Weeks. Mindset, Tech & Strategy, it's all here for you to learn, discover and apply. 

And I'll be with you along the way, until you're ready!

The Programme

What you will learn

  • how you get into the mindset of a happy and fulfilled business owner


  • how you succeed financially even in difficult times


  • how you strategically build your business, with an offer that sells and a marketing strategy that is reliable


  • how you make the breakthrough as a woman, as a mum or a previous housewife


  • how to search for & identify your inner genius, your unique skillset, your rockstar identity and your individual path to success


What I really appreciate about working with Lisa that she is easy to work with and very helpful! She is so passionate, creative, and efficient about her work.

The things that helped my business develop were her great skills to help me create the website for my company and fine knowledge of sustainable development. Her communication and branding skills are outstanding!


I would strongly recommend Lisa’s services because she can help your company grow in many ways!

Vicky Lu, AIDO Solutions
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